Coaching BONUS

The principles of the Berlin Coaching BONUS” program defines three solid objectives. These objectives are (I) stabilizing competitiveness, (II) increasing added value and (III) increasing new hires, income and employment.


Three groups of companies that are supported financially with the Coaching Bonus program, include


  • (1) technology oriented companies
  • (2) companies of the creative industries
  • (3) others
PowerPoint Presentation

This chart of the Berlin “Coaching BONUS” program states how the above company groups have little or no capability to solve strategic or organisational challenges. Financial support is therefore offered to these companies to help address these challenges.

The financial support is provided for a coach to help companies to help themselves. Here, the coach’s role is that of bridging the knowledge gap with industry and professional competencies. Additionally, the coach acts as a sparring partner with concrete know-how, experience and a solid network. The coaching can be used to add concreteness to a sales strategy or business idea, and address questions regarding business organization, sales execution and internationalisation.

In conclusion, the aim is to increase the entrepreneurial innovation capability which leads to the accomplishment of the main objectives. This diagram sums up the principles of the Berlin  Coaching BONUS program.

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