Sales strategy

Strategy provides an overview of the big picture. From this strategy, a plan can be derived. This plan needs execution and results. You need to ask the right questions, to develop and build on this strategy picture and to hatch a plan!

Malte Prien coaches and supports the development of the sales strategy. Therefore Malte Prien can ask the right questions and provide concrete answers. Here, Malte Prien benefits from his sales expertise (see also expertise) and know-how of strategy tools (see also services).

Some questions to consider about the sales strategies

  • i. How to segment market/target group/clients?
  • ii. What kind of advantages/leads can be used?
  • iii. Are there lessons to learn from the competition?
  • iv. How to analyse the competition and market?
  • v. What are the CAC (customer acquisition costs)?
  • vi. How high is the CLV (customer lifetime value)?
  • vii. How much budget is available?

  • viii. Where does the budget come from?
  • ix. What is expected from the investment?
  • x. How to measure sales progress and success?
  • xi. How to work on market/target group/clients?
  • xii. Which approach is most relevant and will drive results?
  • xiii. How to compare and evaluate different approaches?

The answers to these questions of sales strategy are only assumptions in the beginning. These assumptions can be measured, tested and optimized with a systematic and structured sales process. This happens in the execution. With an agile and flexible approach, it is reasonable to flip or pivot the strategy regularly. It is critical to MTO (measure/test/optimize) to be agile and flexible.

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