Strategy provides an overview of the big picture. From this strategy, a plan can be derived. This plan needs execution and results. You need to ask the right questions, to develop and build on this strategy picture and to hatch a plan!


Malte Prien supports the execution of the sales strategy and gets things done. Here, Malte Prien benefits from his professional background (see expertise) and his profound Customer-Relationship-Management (CRM) know-how (see services).

Some questions to consider about the sales execution

  • i. Who are the relevant contacts?
  • ii. Where do I find these contacts?
  • iii. What kind of contact data do I need?
  • iv. Are there sources available?
  • v. Do these sources provide complete data records?
  • vi. Where do I get the remaining data from?
  • vii. Which software should I use for sales?
  • viii. Which CRM is the best for me?

  • ix. Is Excel sufficient or do I need a specialised CRM
  • x. How do I implement a CRM system?
  • xi. How do I successfully approach my contacts?
  • xii. What do I say?
  • xiii. What am I doing in step two?
  • xiv. How do I create a proposal?
  • xv. What should be in the proposal/offer?

Sales is the direct interface to the market and client. Successful sales creates revenues. Effectively sales is the lifeblood of the organisation. Additionally, professional sales and a good customer experience generates consumer feedback and creates market perception. Therefore it is important to measure the execution of the sales strategy. If it is measured, the assumptions can be proved and strategies and plans changed accordingly. Thus to MTO (measure/test/optimize) is required. MTO supports the agile and flexible pivoting of strategy and plan.

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