MTO (Measure/Test/Optimize)

Successful sales generates revenue as well as direct market feedback. Therefore it is necessary to measure sales execution, test the strategic assumptions and be able to optimize and pivot the plan. That is MTO (measure/test/optimize).


Malte Prien has many years of sales experience (see expertise) and the necessary knowledge of sales methods (see services). With that Malte Prien can support the set up and operation of an agile MTO (measure/test/optimize). The KPIs (key performance indicator) of an MTO system are focusing on the classic sales funnel.

Some questions and KPIs to consider in an MTO approach

  • i. How many new contacts can be made?
  • ii. How many existing contacts can be activated?
  • iii. How much interest was generated from the first attempt?
  • iv. What was the reaction?
  • v. How many of the contacts were qualified?
  • vi. What were the qualification factors (budget authority and need)?
  • vii. How many contracts were made?

  • viii. How many proposals were lost?
  • ix. What were the reasons for rejection?
  • x. How can these reasons be categorized?
  • xi. How can successes and losses be integrated in an action plan that ensures continuous improvement?
  • xii. What are the implications for strategy and execution?

Both innovation and creativity is required for sales strategy, its execution and MTO. Malte Prien is an innovative thinker and a creative do-er. Malte Prien has the relevant expertise (see expertise) as well as the practical, hands on know-how (see services), which he believes is the best mix for successful sales.

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